Working daily/remotely as a multimedia designer for a PR firm that meets the needs of several international clients. This includes full branding packages, motion graphics, collateral and web-based design/asset creation.

Also working as an adjunct professor at MediaTech Dallas in the Digital Film Production course.


Designed an imaginative theme for Splash Kingdom Family Water Park using 2d and 3d conceptual designs to realize the owners’ vision for the park. The theme ties all of the attractions together in to one cohesive look, an old mining town with rock formations and abandoned mines set in the Wild West.

  • April 2012 – Present

Freelance in Multimedia and Design

Using Adobe Suite, Cinema 4d, and various software to assist in delivering company projects for film, multimedia, web and branding.

  • March 2011 – April 2012

iStation Inc.
Vice President of Animation Production, Director of Multimedia Design department

Converted production pipeline from traditional to “tradigital” by demonstrating to executive team the cost/time efficiency of digitizing art production. Implemented this change by purchasing software and hardware, self-training and then instructing personnel in each stage of digital animation pipeline.

For move to new offices, I designed the new workspace for Multimedia Design department by building ideas in 3d to scale, then working with architect to implement design philosophy for a creative  and collaborative space to work in.

Designed new recording studio to bring all audio production “in-house” by working with architect on design specifications for layout, sound proofing, electrical wiring and interference challenges.

Invited by President of Interactive Curriculum to assist Curriculum team with content development, script development and interactive action/direction improvement for better interactive design understanding.

Assisted engineer implementation of proprietary software plug-in that automates formatting of scene architecture by using commands in Excel scripts for interactive activities. This split the architecture in to two parts, interactive and linear, with both interwoven automatically for a seamless experience.

Designed a new open source typeface for iStation products.

Redesigned the Multimedia Designer training module and documenting all phases to produce an automated training curriculum. Also created a supporting Wiki, tutorial videos and example scenes.

While taking on new challenges associated with a start-up company, I continued to animate interactive content, produce video, motion graphics, music and sound effects, 2d graphics, 3d models for illustration and animation, direct voice-over talent and provide voice-over for ongoing characters.

  • June 2010 – March 2011

iStation Inc.
Vice President of Animation Production, Marketing Director

Continued to improve upon past accomplishments with more emphasis on supervision of the Multimedia Design team by mentoring their development.

Served as interim Marketing Director for iStation to develop branding identity, engaging presence at industry conferences and a new look for publishing materials and presentations.

  • February 2008 – June 2010

iStation Inc.
Vice President of Animation Production

Continued previous duties

Co-author of white paper describing technology, marketing, product and customer focus for company going forward for new executive management team. Predicted the need for mobile platform readiness with our interactive products in 2005 before the first iPhone rollout.

  • April 2005 – February 2008

iStation Inc.
Director of Multimedia Design department, Lead Multimedia Designer/Animator

Hired and trained new Authoring staff to assist increased production schedule for multiple product streams.

Developed software/personnel training curriculum for our proprietary software work-flow.

Co-developed efficient inter-departmental production pipeline between Multimedia, Curriculum, Engineering, Art and QA departments.

Facilitated purchasing new equipment, software & resources.

Collaborated with Curriculum and Development departments in producing interactive animated content that teaches various science concepts. Extended that collaboration by creating 3d animation and authoring interactive lessons with engineers.

Collaborated with Executive V.P. of Content Creation in developing digital content to explain various Earth Science concepts.

  • August 2000 – April 2005

IStation Inc.
Multimedia Designer, Audio Engineer, Graphic Artist, After Effects Compositor,  3d Hard Surface Modeling/Texture/Lighting/Animation

Improved production pipeline efficiency by revising content formatting, pre-production process and production timeline scheduling.

Produced 3d Animation, Computer Graphics, Music and Sound Effects for Reading Curriculum products.

Collaborated with engineering team in developing an intuitive user interface and time-line based workflow for proprietary animation software.

Video production/editing commercials for Sales, Marketing and Training departments.

Layout, Graphics and Design for Marketing print materials and Sales presentations.

Audio Producer and Voice-Over Director of talent for various characters in production.

Voice-Over as company spokesman for video training of company products.

  • December 1999 – August 2000

iStation Inc.

While pursuing a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, interned at iStation within first year of the company’s development.

Acquired skills in : Authoring animated content, Adobe Suite, Audio Engineering, Sound Effects design, digital music creation and low-level object-oriented programming.


Creative Director/Producer – My company “Pencil n Mouse Productions” produced animated content for a Market Street Groceries’ regional television marketing campaign.

Restaurant company logos

Painting installations

Residential oil murals


A Bunch of Short Guys Animation Guild – How To Adapt To New Challenges; Integrating Cinema 4d with After Effects; more to come!

Guest Speaker – Big (D)esign Conference 2012; Speaking about animation and games in Interactive Education.


University of North Texas: College of Visual Arts & Design
Fine Arts (Painting & Drawing): 1995-1999, GPA 3.8

Dean’s List


Adobe Master Suite, Cinema 4d, Particle Illusion, Sony Soundforge, Sony Vegas, Font Creator, Corel Painter, Maya, Zbrush, Sketchbook Designer, Microsoft Office


Dan Kuenster –

J.R. Schuh –

Drew Daleo –

John Schnurrenberger –

More references available upon request.

  • Titles:

Interactive Producer/Designer

Multimedia Designer

Video Producer

Video Editor

Voice Talent

Voice Director

Production Director


Graphic Designer

3d Generalist