Interactive product pitch ” Close to the Edge”

Collaborating with Dan Kuenster (concept & layout) and Anthony Coffey (characters, user interfaces), I did all of the 3d elements in this pitch. I used Cinema 4d, Wondertouch: particleIllusion and Photoshop. I also produced the entire opening poster (to Dan’s layout), except for the characters (Anthony again). We had a great time creating this pitch and some of the ideas made it to another product. And as always, Dan had a top-notch concept, but allowed us freedom to add our own creative 01 copy page 02 copy page 03 copy page 04 copy page 05 copy page 06 copy page 07 copy page 08 copy page 09 copy page 10

These last 3 images are a small sample of my work for the pitch.Asteroids_Master copy LaunchClock copy moon


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