Perot Museum projection (updated with footage)

Recently I had the great fortune to work with the very talented guys at “900lbs of Creative“. They hired me to add some Cinema 4d transitions to their Perot Museum projection mapping project. The projection was mapped to the side of the museum for a fundraiser on  the night of November 17th, 2012. I believe the total area of the projection was 150′ x 105’…huge. Check out their FB page of photos:

Perot Museum 

Here’s a short video of my transitions:

And here is a beautiful movie they shot of their projection:

Thanks to Steven Quentin, Josh Bray, Steve Deitz and Jason Brandt for bringing me on to the project. And thanks to Jay Schuh for connecting me to these guys. It’s no longer “6 degrees of Kevin Bacon”! It’s “6 degrees of Jay Schuh”!