Maya texturing for film project

My brother-in-law, Drew Daleo, is a very talented 3d artist ( Recently he needed some extra hands in getting some work done for a NDA project. I had to revisit my texturing skills in Maya! It’s been a long time since I used it, because I prefer Cinema 4d. These were low-poly objects that needed a “night time” look. So, the coloring is very limited, but on purpose. Drew supplied the models. I simply textured them.

BK_Refinery_001 BK_Refinery_002 BK_Refinery_003 BK_Refinery_004 BK_Refinery_005 BK_Refinery_007 BK_Refinery_006 BK_Refinery_008 BK_Refinery_009 BK_Refinery_010 BK_Refinery_011