Multimedia & Interactive Design Projects

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Multimedia Demo Reel


Past Projects:

Wild West water park

Partnered with J. Schuh to provide conceptual designs for a Splash Kingdom water park. Below is one attraction of several:

…and here are some more architectural renders for client visualization:

and some topographic specs:

Branding concept for music publisher

Conceptual design for a full branding package that will include web graphics, cd booklets and packaging, etc.

Perot Museum projection project

Worked with the very talented guys at “900lbs of Creative“. Used Cinema 4d Dynamics and Mograph for the transitions. And here is a beautiful movie they produced:  Go here to see it in HD:

3d Earthquake ridden city

Worked with Drew Daleo on a scifi movie. All modeling and texturing in Cinema 4d, then converted for Maya.

Maya texturing for scifi film

Modeled by Drew Daleo. Texturing by me.

Mulitmedia Designer example

This is an example of the Multimedia design work I did at IStation. Dan Kuenster and Anthony Coffey would come up with this concept, then hand it off to me to embellish. The first part of the clip shows what Anthony animated. The second part shows what I added.

Copyright 2011 IStation

Interactive assessment product

Animated the 3d elements in this interactive program.

Various models:

Copyright 2011 IStation

Interactive product pitch

Collaborated with Dan Kuenster and Anthony Coffey on an interactive program pitch. I used Cinema 4d, Wondertouch: particleIllusion and Photoshop.

Copyright 2011 IStation

Submarine Game design

Designed elements of side scrolling game:

Copyright 2011 IStation


Animated robot

Dan Kuenster design, then modeled/textured by me for animation.


Copyright 2011 IStation

Wall installation

Installation for iStation offices. Used Cinema 4d and Photoshop.

6 5 4 3 IMG_2340 IMG_2353 IMG_2359 pano

Larger image:


Copyright 2011 IStation

Solar System book design

Cinema 4d and Photoshop.









Book__7Copyright 2011 IStation